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Hi Gemma

We had a truly amazing time. Our expectations before we left were unrealistically high - and the trip absolutely smashed our expectations. It was stunning.

We have so much information and experiences that we can share with you that a separate and more detailed email is probably needed, so I'll keep this one to the bare minimum and just give you the highlights.

Arrangements overall were perfect!! EVERYTHING went 100% to plan. Not even a slight cock-up.

The safari blew us away from arrival! Great reception from Wilson & his team, great Banda, couldn't get our heads around how much we got. Bigger than expected.

Banda at Mwagusi was out of this world. Bonkers. Even had a family of bats living inside the banda with us. Akuna matata - we didn't scare them once :)

Had difficulty getting back to our banda on our final night because of an elephant infestation in the camp. They blocked all the normal ways to our banda and we had to scramble up the big rocks and go around the back. Then two adults and a baby woke us up eating directly at the side of our banda at 00:30. We got up and watched them for an hour until they tootled off. Missed the lion that came in around 03:00. Slept through it !!!!

Spent quite a bit of time with Chris Fox. Had lunch in his banda and a dinner with him (and 3 more guests) on another night.

Fanjove Island was another place that's completely bonkers. Off the scale. Unlike anything we've experienced before and that we are likely to experience in the future (unless we go back (which is a genuine possibility).

We successfully hunted down FOUR dolphin pods that were all playing and spinning together in the same area. Guides reckon there were between 200 and 250 dolphins. Absolutely cracking.

John & Alzaan were perfect hosts. John's enthusiasm for Africa and the bush is boundless, and he's one of the best raconteurs I've ever met. He paints pictures with his words and transports you into his world. Better than TV.

That's the abbreviated highlights!!! Only just started processing my photos, so hardly any to share with you at this stage.

Thank you so much Gemma, it was perfect



Dave and Lorraine

Hi Gemma,

Back home, jet lag just wok up after a late afternoon nonconsensual nap. I expect a week of this.

Overall, we were pretty thrilled with our trip. Rwanda was totally wonderful. Interacting with the gorillas is a lifetime experience. The way they look at you, that they see you and you them, and you all realize how similar you all are. At least, that was my sense. A deeply moving experience. The lodge was fine. The food wasn’t totally great, and they did a bit of upsell on things we didn’t really need, like gloves, but they also rented things we really did need, like gator pants and shoe guards, and after each trek they cleaned shoes to like new. I would say I was overall happy with the lodge.

Lucky, our driver for our time in Rwanda, was truly excellent. We have traveled far and wide, have gone all over the world with the strategy of getting a car and a driver. We’ve had a good dozen of them at least, and we agree that Lucky is the best we’ve ever experienced. He’s full of knowledge and can answer almost all questions, but he doesn’t just rattle off all the time. He’s clearly an open, kind person who genuinely cares about his culture and his people, but he doesn’t try to push any specific agenda. He got a good sense of the kind of people we are, and suggested things he surmised we would like. He was solicitous without overdoing it, totally efficient and a great driver. He’s a real gem. Meeting him was one of our highlights.

The Sanctuary Camp was also excellent. The food was good, the service impeccable. The guys were sweet, funny, engaged, and they really pushed us to learn at least a little Swahili, which I admired. They made a wonderful celebration for our anniversary. Our guide, Filbert, was another who knew when to be telling us stories and when to be quiet to let us have experiences. His stories were amazing! Also, his knowledge felt really extensive. I learned a lot, came away with whole new edifices of understanding, which is one of my favorite things. I love absorbing new bodies of knowledge.He did a great job of teaching without seeming overly didactic.

The only thing I would say was less than great involves the driver we have for most of our days in Arusha, Andre. For our four days in Arusha, we had Andre for three and then, on the day we went through Arusha National Park, we had Gerard. As we’d mostly experienced, Gerard was excellent. Funny. smart, accessible. We loved him, and learned a lot going through the park with him.

The overall operation for whom Andre worked seemed fine.They did end up charging us another additional $20 after we paid what they, through you, had asked us to agree to pay for Arusha National Park. They said they had experienced an unexpected fee. If we weren’t already uncomfortable with Andre, though, we wouldn’t even have noticed. But like I said, Gerard, from the same outfit, was excellent. I realize our last minute booking on that last leg probably didn’t work to our advantage. And really, we’re pretty thrilled with everything you arranged.

We did have a great time in Arusha. We visited some Masai places, a village, a Masai run tourist spot, a couple Masai markets, and we feel like we learned a lot about that culture in conversation with people there. We really enjoyed that experience.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied customers. We didn’t expect to like Africa as much as we did, and now we feel we’re very likely to return. And when we do, we will most definitely use your services again. You did a really great job, Gemma, of suggesting strategies for us and putting us together with outfits that really fit our aesthetic. I’m truly impressed, and also have great gratitude, by and for your excellent work. Thanks again!

I tried to write a review but it seems I have to sign up for the service that posts the reviews, which I’m always hesitant to do since they tend to send follow-up emails. Let me know if that’s truly useful for you to have or whether what I’ve written here suffices. I know I’m really wordy. Thanks for your patience with my long email!


Jennifer and Eric

Hi Gemma!

Thank you for your welcome home email! We just got back yesterday from Dubai.

Everything was perfect! We are so happy and thankful for everything!

The Safari was amazing and exceeded all our expectations. We were also extremely lucky since we saw everything we wanted to see, including the wild dogs, and were even lucky enough to see a glimpse of a leopard!

Zanzibar was also incredible. The hotels and environment were excellent and everyone treated us like we were royal! The people in Tanzania are just incredible! Everyone is so friendly and nice and show general interest in you and are always ready to tell you about the life in Tanzania.

The people and the beautiful country were definitely a highlight.

Again, thank you so much for everything. We are extremely grateful and we will be recommending you to everybody.

We will of course also write an excellent review on trust pilot.

We are going through the many photos from the trip and we will send you some :)

We cannot thank you enough.

Best regards,

Katla and Örn

Katla and Orn

Hi Gemma,

The trip was amazing, Fanjove was stunning and we saw the super-pods of dolphin. I have no idea how many there were but it must have been 100+

The safari was equally successful as we saw lion cubs, wildebeest crossing, elephants fighting, cheetahs eating and a leopard on the prowl!

We took so many photos that we haven't had time to review just yet but as soon as we have found the time we'll be sure to send some over.

Thanks again for organising another superb trip for us. Although we tried, we didn't manage to see any rhinos so at least we have a reason to go back again!

Kind regards,


Steven and Heidi

Hi Gemma!

I hope you’re doing well!

First of all, thank you so much for your warm welcome back. After 10 days in paradise, the road back to work was difficult :)

Jeremie came back last Monday. He made it to the top of Kilimanjaro (not without pain & altitude sickness... but made it) !!

We honestly had the time of our life there. As you know we are very well travelled, but the safaris were way above all our expectations and dreams. It has never felt so right and justified to splurge on holidays like we did.

All arrangements were faultless from our welcome at the airport to the dismissal at Zanzibar airport. Thank you for all arrangements & little extras, we enjoyed it all to the fullest. This was really relaxing not to worry about anything and just follow the flow.

Regarding the 2 safaris : SPECTACULAR !

1. Selous was just astonishing with all animals roaming around the lakes. Sightings were incredible day after day. In addition there were very few jeeps with us so it felt very exclusive and peaceful. Breakfast & lunch in the bush were a true highlight.
Camp was as well really pleasant and charming. Candlelight dinner at the communal table was sooo nice with everybody sharing their day. There were indeed numerous animals crossing by the camp everyday (elephant family, hippos, cevet, baboons) The adaptation to no electricity & wifi was easy and a good way to « disconnect » from work. The tent was truly lovely & comfy. All we needed was catered for. We were glad to have chosen this camp.
We also got our private jeep and driver & guide which we really really really enjoyed and were truly thankful about.
(> The camp is actually welcoming numerous last minute bookings from Zanzibar hotels at very cheap price coming only for day and night - so we were not looking for the same experience and sharing jeep would have been less pleasant). It was a great choice of camp !

2. Ruaha national park was a fantastic change of scenery. After the relatively green Selous, Ruaha was all yellow & dry. A very different feel. It was love at 1st sight ! While animals are much lesser than Selous, the sightings are out of this world !!!!!

We saw numerous lions & lionesses hunting & eating impalas & gnous. Elephants looking for water by drilling holes in the ground, around 50 baboons joining each other to chase a leopard... as so on. Crazy !

About Ikuka, nothing to say it was absolute perfection !!!OMG i have never seen something that beautiful. Decorated with taste, confortable, millions of details that make a huge difference, fine dining for dinner... Team service was fantastic. The guide was extremely knowledgeable & very well cultured. Comparing to the price we paid for Lake Manze, it was a complete steal. For usd 100 more/day/pers we got the best of the best luxury. A real gem in Ruaha. Do not hesitate 1 sec in sending people there. (By the way I heard they are going to at least double the price in the coming year).

Lastly Zanzibar. It was a great end of our trip to relax and do nothing.
Kono Kono is globally a nice resort. he beach is truly beautiful & peaceful. Location is really great and far from touristy places. However, it is truly not a 5* standard, that staffs keep on repeating/advertising all the time. At best it is 4/3 stars to international standard. It is aging, lacks proper maintenance & cleaning & service was unfortunately very erratic. Don’t take me wrongly, nothing bad of course, we had a great stay.

Thank you tons for everything ! We have already shared your details with a few friends who asked for it after seeing the amazing insta stories we did.

We will of course recommend you on the website you mentionned & more. No worries.

Yours truly !
Maeva & Jeremie

Maeva and Jeremie

Hi Gemma

Sorry for the delay! It's been rough adjusting to normal life and getting caught up at work ;)

We absolutely loved the trip! Saw all the big cats we were hoping for and I got to witness a wildebeest crossing on my birthday!

Couldn't have been better.

Thank you so much!

Lee and Kenya

Hi Gemma,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for recommending The Palms what a wonderful relaxing place it is, the staff are so welcoming, friendly and can't do enough for you, the food is sublime only 'complaint' too much of it!!!

We were in fact very spoilt the whole trip, upgraded to First there and back, a room upgrade to a wonderful sea view at The Hyatt and thoroughly spoilt on our anniversary at The Palms - and it wasn't even a special anniversary.

Ishall definitely recommend and hope to use your services again in the future, my husband's only complaint was why hadn't we gone to Giraffe Manor? He doesn't realise how far in advance that gets booked up so if you have any insider knowledge I would be grateful for it, I looked for ages last year for dates around this trip and it was completely booked and they hadn't released prices etc for 2019 when I needed to book the companion ticket flight.

Again thank you so much Gemma



Hi Gemma

Holiday overall was great, transfers all worked well and the two safari lodges were first class and well organised.Three nights in both was the right choice, there were some people who had only stayed two nights who were regretting it.

Saw all the key animals, lions, leopard, elephant, hippo, giraffe, crocodiles, hyena, buffalo, wildebeest etc etc. The move to a different lodge was also the right thing to do.

Slipway Hotel was simple and clean and did the job, bit dull, if we had been able to make the transfers work I think I would have preferred to go straight to the lodge.

Sunshine Hotel was ok, rooms were fine but grounds a bit cramped and main restaurant /bar/chill out area a bit spartan. People were really helpful but on first night mice were running about inside the mosquito nets in the children’s room and so they have to move into ours at about 11:30pm, hotel very apologetic and moved them to another room the next day.

On reflection I wish had done some more research and gone slightly more up market and also checked out its location, it would have been good to have been closer to Stone Town, the transfer was about an hour and a half from airport / stone town so it was not really feasible to visit. Beach was fine but windy, we had noticed there was a kite surfing place further down the beach so if anyone wants to do that, this would be the beach to do it on.

All in all fine holiday, thank you Gemma


Malcolm and Family

Gemma is an outstanding professional on every dimension. She is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, always follows through and responds to changes in plan with skill and grace. Best of all, Gemma has a delightful personality. Our family will always be grateful to Gemma for helping us arrange a trip to Tanzania that exceeded our high expectations!!


Keare Family

Hi Gemma,

It was an absolutely wonderful trip! Everything went incredibly smoothly, the camp was beautiful, the staff was amazing, and the experience was truly incredible. I think my dad and I really lucked out being at the camp for the length of time that we did, as we were able to see so many wonderful animals and do a little bit of everything they offered.

We also met some great people including our guides and a couple on their honeymoon from Sweden that we were fortunate to have as company on some of our drives. Oh and the food was particularly impressive!

There was just one minor inconvenience when I had to check out of the hotel in Dar es Salam at 10am the first day but I was not supposed to be picked up to head to the airport until 2pm. But other than that there were really not hiccups and my father and I had a wonderful time.

It was so easy, thank you very much!

I am still working on uploading all of the pictures (technical difficulties), but I will send some your way as soon as I can.

Thanks again for everything,