Serena Lake Victoria Lodge

As part of the Serena portfolio chain, this lodge is very large in size and has an abundance of facilities. As it has its own golf course, it is an obvious choice for those who like golf and would like to have a round or two before or after their Uganda itinerary. Aside from golf, it has comfortable rooms, a large pool, a spa, curio shop and more.

Lemala Wildwaters

This lodge is located on a solid rock peninsula amidst the rapids of the River Nile in the south-eastern part of Uganda. The lodge is part of the high-end Lemala portfolio (who own luxury safari lodges in Tanzania) and is certainly fitting with their level of accommodation, service and overall hospitality.

Apoka Safari Lodge

This lodge is part of the Wild Places portfolio and its sister properties include Clouds Mountain Lodge in Bwindi and Semliki Safari Lodge in Semliki. The lodge sits in an area with an abundance of wildlife including lions, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, zebra, hartebeest, waterbuck and many more.

Buhoma Lodge

This lodge is part of the Uganda Exclusive Camp portfolio and it is one of our favourites! The lodge is set up on an elevated platform so it gives you a sense of being up-high in the forest and part of the national park. The lodge has a real sense of intimacy and ‘safari-feel’ to it, with a warm fire-pit and an indoor fire by the inviting bar area.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

This lodge is one of most luxurious in all of Bwindi (we would say on par with Bwindi Lodge). The property feels more ‘safari-like’ as the main area is all open-plan, with a fire pit and a bar area tempting you in before dinner. The rooms are spacious and cosy, made from canvas and build in en-suite bathrooms and an outdoor bath. Overall a very nice property!

Bwindi Lodge

Bwindi Lodge is the flagship lodge of the Volcanoes Portfolio, and what a lodge it is! The lodge sits in the heart of Bwindi town, a short walk from the gorilla tracking headquarters.

Kyanginga Lodge

Kyanginga Lodge is sat on the edge of an extinct volcanic crater lake looking out to the Rwenzori Mountains in south-western Uganda. The lodge sits high up with beautiful views offered from the main area and your private veranda on your bedroom, but with the high altitude, expect a lot of stairs!

Papaya Lake Lodge

This independent lodge sits high up in the Ugandan Great Crater Lakes region. With only nine small cottages, Papaya Lodge is a relaxing place to be with stunning views from the rooms, the main area and the swimming pool. Although the rooms are not as impressive as the main area décor, the swimming pool exceeds all expectations and in our opinion, is the best in Uganda!

Ndali Lodge

Back in the 1920’s, the lodge and its estate was part of a large-scale tea plantation. Today, Ndali Lodge sits on a huge area of stunning landscapes, views, banana plantations, coffee terraces and of course, tea plantations.

Baker's Lodge

Baker’s Lodge is part of the Exclusive Camps and, as all of the other lodges in this portfolio, it offers an authentic, intimate and professional experience. The lodge itself sits on the southern bank of the River Nile, with a huge variety of birds, bathing elephants and pods of hippo seen regularly from the main area and your private verandas!


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