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Culture in Africa

African culture can make a trip even more memorable!

Nyungwe Forest Lodge
Samburu Warrior
Samburu village viist

Whilst Africa’s wildlife and authentic safaris are the main draw to the continent, the culture is undeniably a huge part of what makes each country so individual and special. With over 120 ethnic groups in Tanzania and 47 tribes in Kenya, the local people and their way of living is very interesting to learn about and see first-hand.

Whilst on safari in Africa, it may be possible to do a cultural visit to a local village, school or project. Although their way of living is authentic, some village visits across Africa may be more ‘commercialised’ than others and these often include local performances and the selling of goods to the tourists. That said, there are many properties across Africa who have a fantastic relationship with the local people and its community, often relying heavily on one another for resources, employment, protection and trust.

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