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Volcanoes Safari
Volcanoes Safari
Volcanoes Safari

Uganda is a very diverse country and offers a variety of experiences – from gorilla trekking to white water rafting, and volcano hiking to birdwatching. As such, it is a country that is becoming more popular as a honeymoon destination. As there are so many options, we have put together a little summary of how you can get your luxury Uganda honeymoon started...

Where to go

There is a variety of destinations, cities, national parks and landscapes that Uganda homes so there is plenty of choice. There are particular routes around Uganda that work well in terms of logistics that are good places to start for honeymooners. The first is the southern route which includes Entebbe, Kibale Forest (chimpanzee trekking), Queen Elizabeth National Park (safari) and Bwindi National Park (gorilla trekking). This is a good option for honeymooners with a budget and time in mind.

The second option is an extension of the southern itinerary, but just adding in additional parks. Murchison Falls National Park is a good choice for those who want more of a safari experience as it offers game drives, boat safaris and good bird life.

A final park considered in the Uganda itinerary would be Kidepo Valley National Park which is located in the very northern tip of the country. This park borders South Sudan and represents more of a dry, savannah landscape. Combining this park involves a lot more logistics as you have to fly up to this area and then back down to either Murchison Falls or further south in Bwindi National Park.


A luxury Uganda honeymoon can be expensive, but generally, your budget stretches well in Uganda. With most African safari, there are park fees and permits that must be paid and cannot be avoided. The money that goes into park fees is used to help conserve and protect the parks, often in the form of education projects and training.

If you are keen to see primates in Uganda then permits need to be paid for and issued before you travel. For mountain gorillas, this is currently $600 per person per trek (although it is scheduled to increase to $750 in 2020). For chimpanzees, the permit ranges from $35 to $150 per person per trek, depending on the forest you go to see the chimps. On safari, in either Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley or Queen Elizabeth Park, park fees are also applied to bookings.

Where to start

A good way to start planning your Uganda honeymoon would be to let us know a rough budget and then we can go from there. We can recommend the itinerary that suits you based on the type of animal and activity you are wanting to see and do respectively, or we can put together an example itinerary that either past clients have done, or one that we would recommend looking at initially. From there, it will be a case of tweaking certain properties and details to make sure your honeymoon is perfect.

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