Horse Riding in Tanzania

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Horse riding in Tanzania

There is nothing like riding through the bush to feel like you are part of the environment

Manyara-Ranch-Camp - elephants
Kwihala-Camp- Leopard

Horse riding in Tanzania is one of the few pursuits that is not really that well catered for but it is certainly a growing interest and, as such, we thought we would include a small section on it, along with a few recommended areas to take a look at.

Mainly restricted to private concession lands in the north of Tanzania, horse riding, as many who have done it, will attest, is a superb way of getting close to the animals of the bush as, with the human scent masked and the noise of engines not present, animals are much more relaxed.

A couple of the best areas that we have come across for a riding safari in Tanzania include the superb Manyara Ranch Conservancy, the private concession to the west of the Serengeti, known as Grumeti Reserves, and, finally, for a bit of beach riding, Ras Kutani, to the south of Dar es Salaam.

When to go on Horse Riding Safaris in Tanzania:

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