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Katavi Wildlife Camp

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Katavi wildlife camp - main area
Katavi wildlife camp - main area

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We really can't speak more highly of Katavi National Park and, even if you were to sleep in a tent (not that we would advise it!) it would be the best place in Tanzania to head for. Fortunately, with camps like Katavi Wildlife Camp around, that is not necessary. A superb camp, looking out onto the plains, at the mouth of the Katuma River system, they could not be better located. Throw in superb service and one of the best guiding crews in Africa and you get a place that we send people to time and time again!


In the years that we have been selling Katavi Wildlife we have heard stories such as "and then the pride of lion chased the male leopard underneath our vehicle" and "we could not go back to our room as the pride had taken their buffalo kill and dragged it onto the verandah to relax and eat at leisure". Not necessarily the ideal situation for going to sleep comfortably...but, without doubt, something that will live in the memory for a lifetime...this is that sort of place, and Katavi Wildlife is that sort of camp.


The only camp in the park to be granted a permanent license, Katavi Wildlife was originally founded by two of the Fox Family, a family synonymous with Tanzania, who had been exploring through the area. The camp, over the years has really become part of the environment here and, located in the acacia forest at the edge of the plains, really blends into the habitat.


The rooms are fairly simple in their design with a wooden plinth and thatched roofing covering the canvas tent inside. Similarly, the main area has an earthy feel to it...but it all works really well and makes the camp, while simple, very comfortable and homely.


Katavi Wildlife is not sold as a high-end camp, but an excellent place to come and see game and experience all that Katavi as a safari destination has to offer. Most people who spend the time and money to get out here are usually safari fanatics and so this camp suits them perfectly....but we would recommend coming here to absolutely anyone....this is what it is all about!

Fantastic location, awesome game viewing, good value

Lacks bells and whistles...definitely to its credit!

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