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Alex Walker's Serian

An excellent tented camp that moves between the north and south of the Serengeti

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Serian Camp - Wildebeest Migration
Serian Camp - Wildebeest Migration

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Alex Walker’s Serian Camp is certainly how we would opt to spend our time in the bush. Hosted and occasionally guided by the camp’s namesake, Alex, this is a quality bush camp where the attention is not to airconditioning and massage treatments but to game viewing and the overall safari experience. The camp moves seasonally between the northern and the southern plains of the Serengeti, in time with the movement of the wildebeest Migration and is definitely one of our top picks.


As mentioned above, the camp is a seasonal, migratory one and, as such, it shifts from its winter position in the southern grasslands up to the very northern region of the Serengeti in time for the migration herds (roughly speaking, it is in the very north from around the middle of June until the start of November and in the southern plains for the rest). The location of the camp is always away from the main locations and, as such, it allows for animals to wander through and for there to be a sense of calm.


Each of the tents is dotted in amongst the bush, with plenty of room allowed in between to benefit from the feeling of intimacy with the bush. At the heart of the camp is the main dining and reclining area which is always hosted in the evenings and gives the camp a communal appeal.


The tents are, in themselves, pretty standard luxury tents with ensuite suite facilities, bush showers and loos. Where they are different from the norm is that they have been decorated with care and a certain amount of flair that makes them feel that much more personal and intimate.


The name of the game here is the animals and, as such, the walking and driving that the camp operates is definitely amongst some of the best that we have come across. As with Nomads, they offer a private vehicle to all clients.


We have a price match guarantee on this property that means, as preferred suppliers, we can guarantee you the best rate available for the property.

Contact us for a quote or call 01525 840 149.

great feeling of intimacy and connectivity with the bush, great locations, communal dining adds to the experience

this is a traditional bush camp and so may not suit some

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