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Ras Nungwi Hotel

*Unfortunately, due to a fire in the property in February, Ras Nungwi has closed its doors for the year*

Ras Nungwi - Beach
Ras Nungwi - Beach

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One of the older properties on the island, Ras Nungwi has long benefitted from being the last hotel on the coast up here and so has a stunning and secluded beach. As with many beaches around the headland, there is not much on offer at high tide, and quite a bit at low tide, but they do still have, arguably, one of the top beaches on the island. With simply designed and furnished rooms, and featuring a host of activities, Ras Nungwi is still a good option.


Definitely, at the right moment, in the top three beaches on the island. At low tide it is true that it is a bit of a walk to get wet and, at high tide the waves run right up to the coral rocks. But, if you are after azure blues and white sands then this ticks the boxes.


As half of a “rondavel” (a round type of thatched building), the rooms are, while slightly strangely shaped, a good size. Having had a soft refurbishment a couple of years ago, the rooms at Ras Nungwi still feel fairly modern. They all feature a reasonable sized balcony and aircon as standard. The bathrooms would definitely be on our list for the next areas needing attention however.


The plot size for Ras Nungwi is a good illustration of how the newer properties are having to become thinner and thinner. Ras Nungwi has, by comparison, got plenty of space to play with and has used it pretty well. All of the rondavels either have a view of the sea, or look directly out onto it. The pool and main dining areas are also well spaced and laid out.


One of the best equipped hotels on the island with tennis, diving, pool, aircon, pool, etc to choose from. I would say that their strongest point is that they have a good dive centre and visually beautiful beach at the right times of day. There is also a somewhat small beach bar where you can grab a snack at lunch time of you want.

Great beach, good facilities, a short walk from Nungwi village for a bit of nightlife.

Yet to be convinced by the dining, beach disappears at high tide

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