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Savuti Camp

A stunning little camp overlooking the Savute channel

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Savuti Camp - Dining
Savuti Camp - Dining

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Sitting on the Savuti channel (which is, in effect an overflow for the Linyati and Selinda Spillways (fills in April from Selinda and then from May or so from the Linyanti) this is a much more intimate camp than the others in the concession, with pretty but simple rooms all overlooking the spillway. When compared to its sister properties, this camp has the most diverse range of habitats as the Spillway is not always flowing and, as such, depending on the season, you are given the water views as well as the option of the elephant hide and the dry river bed early in the year.


Set on the Savuti channel, which acts as an overflow for the backwater that runs back along the Linyanti around April time, the setting of the camp is very pretty and, unlike its sister properties in the concession, the property is not due to have any renovation work or a re-think, mainly as it doesn’t need it. While King’s Pool and Duma Tau are both, arguably, more popular, Savuti has long held a place in our hearts as it offers true tranquillity with comfortable rooms and intimate layout.


Set along then channel, all of the thatched rooms offer great views out along the channel and, in season, there is plenty to be seen directly in front of the camp. Unlike its larger sister, Duma Tau, which feels like it goes on forever, Savuti is a much smaller camp with everything focussed around the main dining and bar areas. In the main, as mentioned above, we are a fan of this more private set up.


Offering thatched tents, Savuti is unlike the other properties in the concession and it is arguably more comfortable for it. The big benefit of thatching is that it retains a steadier temperature for both the Botswanan summer and for the chillier winters (when most are heading here). Each has a nice balcony area to make the most of the outdoors but with the facilities that you would expect from a ‘Classic’ Wilderness Safari camp.


As mentioned above, this property benefits (and suffers) from being located on the Savute Channel. The changeable nature of the channel is such that it is trickier to predict when and even if there will be water in front of the camp which is part of the reason that Duma Tau has taken the mantle for the more popular of then two…but for us, this changeable nature is actually a benefit as, without the water, it is possible to make use of the elephant hide that sits in front of the property and allows a personal view of truly wild elephants. As with DumaTau and King’s Pool, it is also possible to sleep out under the stars here!


Intimate camp, good range of activities throughout the year

Game can be seasonal

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