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Mivumo River Lodge

Stunning location on the banks of Steigler's Gorge

Mivumo Lodge
Mivumo Lodge

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Perched on the slopes of Steigler’s gorge, overlooking the Rufiji River, Mivumo is a well priced option for those that like their creature comforts with air-conditioning and plunge pools for each room. While it could be argued that the camp is on the edge of the less game populated to the west of the park, it is still a great location for those that are wanting to soak up the atmosphere of the park in luxury.


Off to the west of the park, near Sumbazi airstrip, the camp certainly one of the most impressive locations of all of the properties in the park, right at the entrance to Steigler’s Gorge. As mentioned in the introductory paragraph above, this area is only really starting to become known for its game sightings although we have always had reasonable game here.


Staggered along the steep sides of the gorge, this is not a camp for those that are wanting to reduce their walking. With all of the rooms having access to the stunning views, it has meant that the rooms are spread out quite far along the gorge and so the end rooms can be quite a walk from the main area. That being said, the view is definitely the greatest feature of the property and so it makes sense to have laid it out as such.


The rooms definitely tick all of the boxes for us, great views, air-conditioning (if you want it), plunge pools and privacy. With this small lodge being part of the Serena Hotel chain there are a few additions that we found a bit strange such as telephones and a lounge area without views, but these are small glitches in what are well thought out rooms generally.


As with the other properties in the park, Mivumo offers walking, boating and game driving. On the whole the guiding is good if not quite up to the standard of some of the other properties in the park but, for us, this is not really the reason to head here anyway.

stunning location, good value for money, great rooms

owned by a large hotel group which removes a bit of the personal touch

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