Latitude 15

This is by far our favourite city hotel in Lusaka, if not all of Africa! Latitude 15 are part of the Latitude portfolio (with another in Malawi, and plans of expanding to Nairobi and Dar es Salaam), and are renowned for their décor, contemporary art and stylish space.


Voted as the best safari lodge in Zambia by Conde Nast Travel, this luxury lodge is definitely one to consider when you are planning your trip to Victoria Falls! Tonagezi is set on the banks of the Zambezi River and offers a range of stunning, afrocentric design rooms and communal spaces. The best thing? It’s totally peaceful and serene.

Royal Livingstone Hotel

The Royal Livingstone Hotel is the most famous hotels out of all of the Victoria Falls properties. It sits on the Zambian side, on the banks of the Zambezi River and boasts a short 15-minute walk to Victoria Falls itself. The décor is quite colonial which adds to the history of this lodge.

Islands of Siankaba

Islands of Siankaba is a unique luxury lodge located on islands on the Zambezi River. As it is around 45 kilometres from Livingstone, it is definitely one of the most peaceful lodges you can stay in during your visit to Victoria Falls. There are a wealth of activities on offer and a generous amount are included in your accommodation rate which means there is plenty to do!

Waterberry Lodge

The main draw to Waterberry Lodge is that it provides the most calming atmosphere – away from the hustle and bustle of Victoria Falls. With well-maintained gardens and an intimate number of guest rooms, Waterberry Zambezi Lodge is the perfect base for those wanting to combine activites in Livingstone, whilst coming back to a peaceful and serene lodge.

Toka Leya Camp

Designed along the lines of a luxury safari camp, Toka Leya sits approximately 30 minutes drive upriver from the famous ‘smoke that thunders’ or Victoria falls.


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