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Safari in Africa

Undoubtedly one of Africa's biggest highlight!

Serengeti Wildlife
Serengeti Wildlife
Serengeti Wildlife

As the founding fathers of African safari, East Africa still features many of the draws that brought travellers to its shores; exceptional wildlife, superb guiding and service, multiple activities and seclusion (in some of the parks anyway)! For those looking for an authentic experience, Tanzania and Kenya are the perfect destinations to head to, with excellent logistics and properties to choose from.

What safari activities do you want to do?

Whilst game drives in 4x4 vehicles dominate the African safari, there are many parks that offer alternative safari activities, including boat safaris, walking safaris, night safaris, horse-back safaris, camel safaris, helicopter rides and fly camping. These activities are limited to specific destinations so if you are looking for a more varied or active safari, then let us know and we can suggest where to go. For example, the Selous Game Reserve offers a choice of boat, walking or driving safaris to its guests, and they can choose what they do each morning and afternoon. For those looking for something even more adventurous (e.g. mountain biking and horse-back safaris) and less focused on the game itself, then the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya is great option and particular popular with families.

Walking safaris – one of the ultimate ways to experience the bush, a walking safari allows you to “feel” the environment with all your senses. While it may not provide the big game experience of vehicle safaris, this is definitely a must try experience.

Boating safaris – for some reason, many game species are less skittish if you approach them by boat (elephant in particular) and, as such, this can be a very peaceful and interesting way to experience safari.

Vehicle safaris – far and away the most employed manner of going on a safari in Tanzania, the vehicles that we recommend are either closed sided 4x4 vehicles or open sided 4x4. These are a very good way of being able to cover plenty of ground and, with animals becoming more and more used to seeing vehicles, you can often get very close indeed!

How long do you want on safari?

Whilst there is no specific time you should spend on safari, the average is between 3 and 6 nights depending on how many destinations you are combining. If you are heading to one park in Africa, we strongly recommend you stay a minimum of 3 nights to give you enough time to embrace the camp, its surroundings, its guides and staff. If you want a longer safari, then combining camps and moving on every 3 or 4 nights is a great option, giving you a variety of landscapes, accommodation and service.

What sort of budget do you have?

The budget for your African safari will determine which destinations and camps you can stay in. Generally speaking, the northern parks of Tanzania are more expensive than, for example, the southern parks and this is because of the higher cost of accommodation and internal flights. The accommodation inside the camps varies, from more luxurious and expensive permanent camps or lodges, to more intimate, comfortable mobile tented camps and where you stay whilst on safari, can make a big difference to the overall cost. A good idea to get started would be to let us know a rough budget that you have in mind and from there, we can suggest camps that are within the budget and would be suited to what you are after.

What is the format of a safari?

If you have never been on an African safari before, the format of it can seem a little alien compared to other holidays you’ve been on. Whilst on safari, you are usually woken up at the crack of dawn with a cup of tea or coffee, and invited on a morning game drive to catch the animals at their most energetic. When you return back to camp around midday, lunch is served and are able to have a couple of hours to snooze in your tent, relax by the pool, or just sitting in the mess tent taking in the beauty of the savannah. Around mid-afternoon, you are invited to go on a second game drive or activity which will be a couple of hours, before heading back to camp in time for sundowners around the fire before dinner. Some camps and destinations, such as the Ngorongoro Crater, offer full day game drives, with a picnic lunch brought out on the road with you.

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