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The Okavango Concessions

Complete privacy in stunning scenery

Okavango Concessions
Okavango Concessions

The private concessions that surround the Okavango Delta and the Moremi Game Reserve offer a much more private and unrestricted safari experience, but, inevitably, they come with a price tag. Below we have run through a few of the main concessions and some of the main camps within them.

- Northern Side -

Duba Plains Reserve (NG23)

Located right on the northerly-most tip of the delta, this fantastic 70,000 acre concession is an absolute gem and, accordingly, Duba Plains Camp gets booked up at least a year in advance for the main seasons. Featuring predominantly open grasslands to the north, giving way to the marshy waters of the delta, the region is famed for vast buffalo herds and the lion that have developed a taste for this tricky and tough prey.

Activities - They offer mainly driving safaris with water activities at certain times of the year.

Vumbura Reserve (NG22)

The second of the grassland plains concessions at the very north of the delta, Vumbura is another stunning concession with open grasslands to the north and marshlands to the south. This range of biodiversity allow this region of the delta some of the very best game viewing in the dry season. At an extra 30% in size to Duba Plains, you can choose from the simple but excellent Little Vumbura Camp or the minimalist and opulent Vumbura Plains Camp depending on your tastes.

Activities - Little Vumbura combines driving and water activities throughout the flood season where Vumbura Plains can only offer the water activities between May and August.

Mapula Reserve (NG12)

The last of the northerly concessions, Mapula Reserve is the least well known in recent times due to a lack of properties of any note. This being said, there has been the recent addition of Mapula Lodge which, with excellent game viewing split to the north and south of the famous boundary fence-line, is making this a concession to watch closely in the future!

Activities - Offers land activities and seasonal boating activities

- North Eastern Side -

Shinde Reserve (NG21)

Shinde Reserve is the first of the concessions along the northern side of the delta that is aimed at a lower price range and, as such, has become more and more popular over the years as the prices have increased elsewhere. Shinde Camp is the main camp in the concession and is a simple camp, harking back to the days of a-frame tents and great game viewing.

Activities - Offering both water and land activities year-round this is a great camp for those wanting an all-rounder.

Kwara Reserve (NG20)

One of the largest concessions surrounding the delta, Kwara offers very good big game viewing. Kwara, Splash and Little Kwara Camps offer land and water-based safaris in a beautiful region of the delta.

Activities - both camps offer water and land activities throughout the year.

- South Eastern Side -

Sandibe / Chitabe Reserve (NG31)

Generally considered separately from each other, Sandibe Camp is to the north of the concession and offers good land and deep-water activities. Chitabe Camp and its smaller offshoot, Chitabe Lediba are excellent for land activities but only rarely receive enough of the flood to be considered offering water activities.

Activities - Sandibe offers water and land activities where Chitabe and Chitabe Lediba only land activities.

Stanley's and Baines' Reserve (NG32)

Right at the bottom of the delta, the Stanley’s and Baines Reserve has become famous more for the elephant interaction than for the game which, while good, can be less reliable than other concessions around the delta. Both Stanley’s Camp and the smaller, smarter sister camp, Baines Camp, offer the elephant experience as part of their offering.

Activities - famed for the intimate elephant experience but also offering land-based safaris.

- Western Side -

Jao Reserve (NG25)

Certainly, one of the prettiest (and busiest) concessions around the delta, the Jao Reserve hosts 5 (and a half) camps of varying standard. The bold and open Jao Camp is the figurehead of the properties, looking out over the plains and waterways to the eastern side of the concession. Kwetsani Camp, Tubu Tree and Little Tubu are slightly less elaborate siblings with Jacana and Pelo being simple water camps. Combining a couple of the properties within the concession can be a good option.

Activities - land and water activities offered

Abu Reserve (NG26)

Once known exclusively for the elephant back safaris that operated out of the expensive Abu Camp, Seba Camp has added a less expensive alternative and, while they are no longer offering elephant back safaris, it is still possible to have an elephant encounter as part of a more overall safari experience with game that has become quite varied and reliable.

Activities - famed for the elephant experience but also offering land-based safaris.

Nxabega / Kanana Reserve (NG27A)

Just off to the south east of Abu’s Reserve is the charming Nxabega and Kanana Reserve. This concession borders onto the Moremi Game Reserve and, while being in the heart of the delta means that game viewing is less reliable, Nxabega Safari Camp, Kanana and a long-time favourite, Pom Pom, are worth a visit for water activities during the floods and for land safaris out of season.

Activities - a quieter region of the delta but good for water activities during the flood season and for land activities around the start of the year.

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    At a glance... The Okavango Delta

  • Size: 20,200 square kilometers
  • Location: Northern Botswana, North of Maun
  • Recommended time: 3 to 6 nights
  • Time to visit: Year round
  • Safari Activities: Mokoro boating, driving, speed boat, riding
  • Topography: Palm islands in flood plains
  • Main species: Red lechwe, sitatunga, leopard, lion, hyena, elephant
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    Our top five hotels & lodges in The Okavango Concessions:

    1. Tubu Tree - View

      Tubu and Little Tubu Tree Camps

      Located off to the west of the Jao concession, in the north western corner of the Okavango Delta, Tubu Tree Camp and Little Tubu Camp are certainly two of the best and busiest camps in both the concession and the delta. Being located on the game rich Hunda Island, allows great game viewing from the... More...

      Our rating:
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    2. Pelo Camp - Aerial View

      Pelo Camp

      A welcome addition to the stunningly beautiful Jao Concession, Pelo Camp offers great value for money as a true ‘wet’ camp in the Okavango Delta. Located over in the central eastern region of the concession, Pelo Island was once a mobile camping site and, as it was so good, has since become a... More...

      Our rating:
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    3. Kwetsani Camp - View

      Kwetsani Camp

      Classified as a ‘classic plus’ camp by Wilderness Safaris, Kwetsani is certainly not a huge step down in luxury from the flagship camp in the concession, Jao, but is a step down in price and so, for us, offers very good value for a very luxurious camp. Overlooking the famous Jao floodplains, this... More...

      Our rating:
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    4. Jacana Camp - Aerial View

      Jacana Camp

      One of two ‘water’ camps in the Jao Concession, Jacana Camp is situated in the south eastern corner of the Jao Concession and has plenty of charm and character to it. Sitting on a small island that is completely cut off from civilisation between May and November, the experience of a wet camp in the... More...

      Our rating:
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    5. Jao Camp - Sunset

      Jao Camp

      The acclaimed jewel in the crown of the concession, Jao Camp has certainly had no expense spared in either the design or the execution. Loosely conceptualised on the dark wood properties of Indonesia, the main areas and the rooms of the camp have a luxurious and decadent feel to them. As with King’... More...

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