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Jacana Camp

Peaceful water camp in the Jao concession

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Jacana Camp - Aerial View
Jacana Camp - Aerial View

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One of two ‘water’ camps in the Jao Concession, Jacana Camp is situated in the south eastern corner of the Jao Concession and has plenty of charm and character to it. Sitting on a small island that is completely cut off from civilisation between May and November, the experience of a wet camp in the delta is a relaxed and peaceful one with reed frogs, cape otters and sitatunga antelope regular visitors (that you can see, don’t worry, there are always plenty of crocs floating around!).


Set in an isolated corned of the Jao Concession, Jacana Camp was the first water camp to be established and benefits from being right in the heart of one of the main channels of the Okavango and, as such, has almost total emersion in the waters for 8 months of the year. A known location for a few ‘pell’s’ fishing owls the island is a very pretty place to rest your head for a few nights.


Each of the 5 tented rooms is dotted amongst the undergrowth of the island and so offers a unique aspect over the floodwaters that surround. The main area features a double height lounge and dining area with a swimming pool off to the right, all offering views out across the serene floodwaters.


The 5 tents are in a ‘Meru’ style which is very typical in Botswana (and across Africa) but offer plenty of space inside and, in the cooler winter months, protection from the overnight chill. As mentioned above, they are all dotted amongst the foliage and so get plenty of protection from the midday suns and so are a cool and comfortable place to lay your head in the evenings.


The main focus of the property is to be a base for experiencing the water activities in the Okavango and, as such, in the main flood months between May and November, the activities are mokoros and motorboating. Outside of these months, as the plains around the camp dry back and the lechwe and other water antelope return, it is possible to game drive and walk.


Stunning, isolated location

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