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Jao Camp

An opulent bolthole in the middle of the Okavango

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Jao Camp - Sunset
Jao Camp - Sunset

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The acclaimed jewel in the crown of the concession, Jao Camp has certainly had no expense spared in either the design or the execution. Loosely conceptualised on the dark wood properties of Indonesia, the main areas and the rooms of the camp have a luxurious and decadent feel to them. As with King’s Pool in the Linyanti, there are already plans afoot to have a bit of a re-build of the rooms, but for the time being, it still has a sumptuous feel to it that, for many, may not smack of Botswanan safari, but will still impress even the most discerning.


What is certainly one of the prettiest of the delta concessions, Jao Camp looks out onto a wide expanse of then Jao Plains and, once the waters have moved in from the middle of April, what is a stunning part of the concession. It could be argued that they have positioned the camp away from the game prolific Hunda Island and so limited the game potential of the property, but, for us, the combination of water and open expanse works well and, when the waters are in, you are still only a 45 minute away from Hunda, making this the best of both worlds.


As with many of the properties in the delta, the property is located on one of the larger islands and, with plenty of room between the rooms, it can feel fairly vast at times (particularly if you have forgotten your binoculars before a drive and have to head back to the room), but these are the prices you pay if you also want to feel like this paradise is all your own.

Roughly speaking, there is an even spread of rooms out from the main area with a series of raised walkways that run between each. The main areas are something to behold with a double height structure that makes the most of the surrounding views, the walkways only add to the feeling of being amongst the trees and being part of the natural surrounds.


As mentioned earlier, the camp is just about to have a bit of a facelift and design re-think to bring it in line with other properties in the concession (such as the ever slick Kwetsani Camp) but, for the time being, the rooms are vast and luxurious. They are 9and will remain) orientated to make the most of the stunning views and, as such, stretch out from the main doors with the bedroom at the entrance and a vast bathroom and shower area at the end. Along the front of all stretches a long open balcony that, similarly, allows excellent views and, with a day bed in one corner, the perfect place to while away the afternoons between drives.


Jao is famous for being one of the first concessions in the delta to receive the floodwaters from Angola and, as such, the camp prides itself on being able to offer dry and wet activities almost throughout the flood season (between May and November). With the dry game viewing of Hunda Island only a 30-minute boat ride away from May onwards, you will be able to get an experience of game driving, speedboating and the more leisurely experience of Mokoro activities during what we would recommend as a minimum of 3-night stay.


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