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Pelo Camp

An adventure camp in the Jao wetlands

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Pelo Camp - Aerial View
Pelo Camp - Aerial View

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A welcome addition to the stunningly beautiful Jao Concession, Pelo Camp offers great value for money as a true ‘wet’ camp in the Okavango Delta. Located over in the central eastern region of the concession, Pelo Island was once a mobile camping site and, as it was so good, has since become a simple but very charming, tented camp to use as a base for water activities. Combined with one of the more land focussed other camps in the concession, this is one of our top camps for saving on costs but having a real delta experience.


Set to the north of Jacana, the other water camp in the concession, means that Pelo benefits from the same yearly supply of floodwaters that surround it completely from the end of April until the start of November. Its isolated location gives the sort of sense of calm and tranquillity that is a signature of the water camps of the Okavango.


The lay out of the camp is a lot less formal than many other camps in the Okavango and Botswana with rough pathways cut out amongst the bush and palm frond matting used to cover the ground. Roughly speaking, all of the ‘Meru’ style tents are set along the banks of the small island and have aspect out across the waters with some being closer and others further from the central, decked, lounge, pool and dining areas.


The typical tented accommodation is set on raised platforms and, while not vast inside, are ample for a comfortable night’s sleep and, during the day, are located in sheltered corners of the island to provide ample shade. This may not be the opulence of the other camps in the concession but it is all about a simple and intimate experience of how the delat used to be.


As an out and out water camp, the activities offered in the main season months, between Aptil and November, are purely water based, namely mokoro and motorboat. As the waters recede through the delta in the summer months, the camp can offer driving and walking out onto the Jao plains that surround.


Superb value, intimate camp

May not have the level of luxury needed by some

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