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Luxury Kenya Safari

Looking for a luxury Kenya safari?

What do you think of when you think of a luxury holiday? Crisp white bedding, exceptional service, 3-course meals with impeccable flavours?

What do you think of when you think of a safari? Adventurous days across the vast open plains, authentic and rugged accommodation in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but the sounds of elephant footprints and the calls of the African birds?

© Richards Camp

Today, the safari industry goes that extra mile to incorporate luxury into every guest’s stay. The tented camps become boudoirs, the cooks become Michelin-star chefs, the bar area becomes an elegant restaurant and most importantly, the staff and guides become best friends. These are the things that make a luxury Kenya safari. At the height of luxury are lodges like Angama Mara in the Masai Mara, Sasaab in Samburu National Park, Cottar’s Camp in the Mara Conservancies and Loisaba in the Laikipia Plateau.

© Sasaab

These lodges are everything (and more) you would expect from the finest of 5-star hotels, offering panoramic views, attentive service and memorable game viewing experiences. But it is not just the lavish lodges that offer luxury Kenya safaris. In fact, some of the most “simplistic” of camps are regarded as the most luxurious and this is not because of the plumpness of the pillows, nor the amount of bubbles in the bathtub, but instead, the little touches that make a safari truly special.

Hot water bottles thoughtfully placed in your bed before you get in at night, a hot cup of coffee delivered to you in the morning, private candlelit dinners in romantic locations, your favourite cocktail brought to you overlooking the sunset. The list goes on.

© Richards Camp

Whether your luxury Kenya safari is for a special occasion (honeymoon, birthday, anniversary etc.) or not, the camps will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and special. The real luxury behind all of the safari camps is the location. Situated in the most remote locations across the national parks in Kenya, the location is something that guests simply cannot forget.